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Episode 43 - Goodbye

Episode 43 - Goodbye

It feels really strange to type this, the last Facebook post for an episode of Her Way. During the crazy last year (of which I traveled for 9 of the 12 months) this podcast has been one of the few consistent routines I've had. 

Her Way was born out of the desire to use some confusion, frustration and anger in a constructive way + as a way to shine some light on the awesome things women do around the world. After a traumatic event it can sometimes feel like the whole world just continues onwards, while you feel utterly unheard. This podcast to be heard again. It has been a great journey, however most journeys, jus like this one, eventually come to an end. 

A big thank you for all my guests, listeners and supporters along the way. I sincerely hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. There won't be any new episodes, but I'll keep the Facebook page open at least for now (although I won't be posting on it that much anymore).

At the start of another year, it only feels fitting to shift my focus onto other things, things that have started to fit better into my current lifestyle. 

I love that magical moment of leaving places, projects or even past lovers behind: for a brief second the whole world is wide open and anything is possible. Even though there is a bit of sadness, that feeling of openness is the main feeling, telling me I've made the right choice. 

May you always be inspired by the people surrounding you, may you always follow your feet into unchartered territory and may your gaze stay open to appreciate all the beauty in this world.

Thanks for listening,


Episode 42 - Jeanine Lee on (financial) lessons from the start-up world

Episode 42 - Jeanine Lee on (financial) lessons from the start-up world