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Sofia - Belgrade (I cheated)

Sofia - Belgrade (I cheated)

We've arrived in Belgrade after an exhausting travel day. We only had a one hour flight but let me give you a pro travel tip: don't travel with a hangover. I wrote a rather hilarious (if I say so myself) piece about this in my original Sofia-Belgrade post, however due to internet issues in the lounge that post disappeared. #travellife

Long story short I started this morning with a "kill me now" kind off hangover (and 20 minutes of sleep) which slowly progressed to a "suffering but bearable misery" kind of hangover. Most fun part of my day? When I got woken up by bagpipes that got played about 2 meters from my head when I was sleeping in a -up to that point- quiet room in the hotel. Gotta love that Bulgarian culture.

Before I go into what I gained and lost this month I have a confession to make.. I cheated last month! After I packed my bag and weighed it I picked up a bunch of clothes from the donation basket that all my fellow travellers and myself leave our unwanted clothes before we head over to the next country. Here's what I picked up:

  • 1 dress
  • 1 short jumpsuit
  • 2 t-shirts
  • 1 book
  • a fabulous fake leather skirt

So I might have had a bit more weight than the 24.3 kg I "officially" took to Sofia with me..

This month the donation basket was once more a massive pitfall for me in my quest to minimalism. Also the fact that I stocked up on toiletries from my favourite store (LUSH) did not help.. 



 My nemesis.. the donation basket

My nemesis.. the donation basket

So here's what I gained in Sofia

  • 1 t-shirt (cropped with long sleeves) bought at H&M
  • 1 necklace

  • Underwear (don’t want to have to hunt it down in Asia)

  • 3 blouses

  • 3 t-shirts

  • 2 dresses

  • pair of jeggings

  • 2 vests

  • bottle of nail polish

  • powdered sunscreen

  • rose shaped muffin baking tray

  • tooth tabs

  • solid conditioner

  • moisturiser

  • face mask

  • sponge

  • new lens fluid

  • fabulous black hat I found in a hostel in London

  • travel sized flask to put lens fluid in

  • eyeliner

  • bathsalts for tired feet

  • 1 calendar for 2017

  • 1 notebook

  • 1 bikini top

  • 2 books

(this list does not incllude all the other stuff I picked up and then returned to the donation basket after I’d talked some sense into myself)


Here is what I left behind:

  • Bobble bottle, it was 3am in Rabat I just couldn’t be bothered to empty it. I chucked it

  • Short sport shorts, worn twice so far

  • 2 books

  • My comfy warm socks, at this point they are more hole than sock :(

  • Argan oil (ran out of it)

  • My big bottle of lens fluid ran out → more space in the bag!

  • At least 4 socks, they seem to dissapear/wear down a lot quicker since me and Kyron started to share them..

  • 1 dress (the one I picked up in Rabat)

  • 4 shirts

  • 1 sweater

  • Napoleon Hill - Think and grow rich

  • travelmug

When I first weighed my bag it was 24.5 kg. However, at the airport the scales were even harsher.. 

I am currently travelling with 25.8 kg meaning that this is not only the first month in which I wasn't able to decrease the weight, but even gained some. 

However I am still determined to go to Asia with less than 20kg. So 23 days, and 6 (+) kg to go..

6 weeks in Eastern Europe

6 weeks in Eastern Europe

Dear taxi driver

Dear taxi driver