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Bali - Vietnam - Bali (We're coming home)

Bali - Vietnam - Bali (We're coming home)

I'm writing this in my third temporary "house" in Bali. In an actual place to call mine for a while, rather than an airport lounge. It's been over 8 months since we left our apartment (and most of our stuff with it). 8 months of chosen and blissful homelessness. 8 months in which it has been easier and easier to shed stuff, as you can carry only so much around with you. And now, that is almost over. 

Little under a month ago I travelled with hand luggage for the first time in months, leaving the majority of my stuff in storage while roaming around Northern Vietnam on a motorbike. That trip taught me two things:

1. How easily you can survive 10 days with 3 t-shirt and one pair of jeans and

2. How nice it is to come home somewhere

It's funny, before Kyron and I set out on our journey around the globe the plan was always to move to Bali, and now, with a 6 month detour, we've ended up doing just that. It's strange being in a place, knowing you'll stay. Yes of course, "we were NEVER tourists" ahem, we were TRAVELLERS and that is so much different. Fact is, a month is not long enough to integrate into a country. A month is about the initial time you need to adjust to a country, meaning you're leaving anytime you just start to belong. (Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, however it is an illusion to presume you are really living somewhere when you are staying for a mere few weeks). 

This time we're staying for a year. 

We've got our villa, an exciting new spin on our business (for anyone interested in what we're up to check it out here :) 

It is exciting and scary setting up shop in a different country. Doing business in Indonesia is so much different than in my homecountry, learning a new language is exciting, riding a scooter through Bali traffic is chaotic and eating my weight worth in tempe is heaven. 

One thing I'm worried about is not being able to keep up my minimalistic ways. It's been so easy to not buy anything as there simply wasn't that much space in my backpack, however now we have a seven bedroom villa at our disposal... 

We'll still travel of course and ultimately we're not going to stay in Bali forever. It will still be my goal to pack up all my belongings into one bag, so I can always up and leave, whenever I feel like it. 



So to stay on track (and accountable) I'll continue to keep track of the stuff I carry around the globe with me & share my pursuit for a more minimal lifestyle :) 

So here's what I gained in my month in Bali & Vietnam: 


We were at a conference where I got lots of pretty stuff. I guess that's the next level. Not only not buying things but also not accepting freebies (It's a struggle for a Dutch person) 

So here's the damage: 

  • 2 water bottles
  • 2 bags
  • a lot of paper (still working through it)
  • 7 books.. (I am addicted)
  • Tweezers (also addicted)
  • nail files 
  • a cute sports bra (because I'll totally be exercising a lot more now that I'm steady *still trying to convince myself*
  • a teacup, there are certain things I can miss, tea at any odd hour is not one of them
  • mosquito spray, I'm a walking buffet for those little buggers
  • leggings (without feet this time, to be worn way more versatile, including during  mentioned above increased exercise)
  • A helmet. Apparently the question in Bali isn't "if" you are going to crash while riding a scooter but "when". I consider a proper helmet one of the best investments I've made in the past months. 

Left behind:


  • my epilady (time to let go of another bit of my vanity (and 0,5kg in the process))
  • 5 books (I'm a fast reader)
  • Some socks (although not voluntarily, I blame the washing machine
  • My lush sunscreen melted while we rode our bike through the North of Vietnam xD
  • I lost my make-up remover in Bali
  • Not nearly as much paper as I'd wish, I've got to start working faster!
  • a water bottle, my boyfriend was kind enough to lose his so I didn't have to carry two of them around
  • a t-shirt (honestly, how do I still have so many t-shirts at this point, it feels like all I do is give them away!)

I'm currently travelling around Bali with 22,25kg which I consider to be quite alright, considering the fact that I've added a helmet to the equation. (Also: moving 4 bags and 2 people on one scooter looks hilarious)

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