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Lisbon - Rabat

Lisbon - Rabat

I’m sitting in the airport lounge as I’m writing this. Waiting to board my -delayed- flight to Cassablanca. Instead of taking a 16 hour busride from Lisbon to Rabat we ended up flying to Cassablanca and catching a bus from there. Also, hours before checking in for our flight we found out that we were actually flying business class (a first for me). From busride to businessclass, not bad at all!



 This is what I sent back

This is what I sent back

Here is what I sent back:


  1. a book my uncle gave me when I visited him in Andorra

  2. the certificate of the language course I did in Valencia

  3. My big cosy sweater

  4. A scarf

  5. Short jumpsuit

  6. A tanktop

  7. My beloved trenchcoat

  8. A waterbottle

  9. Yogapants

  10. Case to put glasses in

  11. Hairbrush

  12. My beachtowel (a massive want, but not a need, and did I mention massive?)


I also donated some clothes I didn’t love anymore (the rule is: love it or loose it).





What got donated




 Some things got repurposed..

Some things got repurposed..

At the other hand I made my dad bring a couple of items, like flowy pants and long sleeved shirts to cover up a bit more in Morocco, books (I have an e-reader but I’m still a sucker for real books), a waterbottle with a filter (hello moneysaver!), a smaller sweater to trade in the one I sent back and a big bottle of lense fluid (very heavy and very important).


I also went shopping and bought 2 new shirts and some underwear. (Eventhough those are probably the things I’ve got the most of in my bag haha). Also my fellow travellers did a clothing swap and I picked up a travel towel and two t-shirts. 


Before packing I made an attempt to figure out where all the weight came from. After weighing my yogamat (1.9kg) and toilettry bag (1.1kg) I am still not quite sure where all the weight is coming from. 


So how did I do? First of all, I love the fact that I’m travelling more compact. I am quite small and I already struggle carrying two bags around, so three was a bit of a challenge. 


Secondly, I didn’t quite make my goal of losing 5kg. Even though I sent quite a lot back, the books, the new lense fluid (and ok, I admit) the shopping added more weight to my total. 


I am currently travelling to Rabat with 25 kg.

I already have a list of things I’ll lose after this month of covering up a lot more. I’m still determined to eventually travel with less than 20kg and ideally one bag. I am just not quite sure when exactly that will happen.

5 month reflection

5 month reflection

I'd rather have my ego bruised

I'd rather have my ego bruised