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I want less! The art of minimalism

I want less! The art of minimalism

I’ve talked about my struggle to find my ‘one passion’ on my podcast a number of times before. Whereas some people have an idea, a passion, a purpose and are at the point where they should let go of their fear and take that first step, I am in the exact opposite position.

I am not ‘afraid’ to let go of stability as I hardly have any in my life at the moment. I have all the resources I could wish for, an incredibly network around me and an always supporting partner. However, I could never figure out what that one thing ought to be, that would combine all my passions, that would be THE thing for me.


I love what I am doing, however what I am doing is diverse. Ask me on Monday what my passion is and I will give you a completely different answer than on Thursday (or Saturday, you get the point).


Yet recently, in a meeting with some people I finally had a breakthrough. Whereas I was looking for more, what I truly want is less. All along I’ve been saying that I want less things in my life to focus on, I want one big thing to focus on instead of dealing with fragmentation. I realised that I knew what I wanted all along, I just hadn’t listened carefully enough to myself to actually realise that fact.


I want less.

Less stuff.

Less worries.

Less stress.

Less unhealthy habits.

Less time online (oh how I wish).

Less fights with my partner.

Less of feeling the need to ‘look good’.


I want clarity.

I want to cut the crap.

I want more space for the things that matter.

I want calmness.

I want minimalism. 


Even my passion for girls education is linked into that one, because when girls get educated they have fewer problems (and fewer children, which would have a positive impact on other global problems). 


I don’t need more, as I am already incredibly blessed to be able to live my life the way I am doing now. 


I guess as it is so stereotypically said: “You’ll find the answers within yourself.” 

For me this was true, and I’m really grateful to have had this breakthrough after 14 months of struggling to find my passion.


Or, as my landmark forum leader would say: I’ve had an insight. It only becomes a breakthrough once you decide to act upon it. And that’s exactly what I intent to do.



The first step is to admit that you have a problem

The first step is to admit that you have a problem