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Fulltime travelling the world has its challenges: You have to see all those beautiful views, meet interesting people and eat delicious types of food…

And then there’s this thing of having to carry all that you own, and use, around with you in a suitcase.

I’ve only ever travelled ligt. Yes, I must admit, on my first few holidays I’d take a massive suitcase with me, but that was until I realised such a thing as ‘washing while abroad’ exists and I’ve cut down the weight of my luggage drastically since then. I guess it motivates you to not pack unnecessary items when you have to carry everything you own on your back.

So, when packing for this (initial) year abroad I figured I’d probably travel with a bit more stuff and take 12 or maybe even 14 kg with me around the world. However, when I checked the weight of my bags, the scales showed me a staggering total of 29 (!) kg. 29!!!

There’s one major problem with carrying 29 kg around with me.. I only weigh about 50 myself! It’s a good thing I’ve got one bag on the front and one on my back, otherwise I’m sure I’d topple over and lay on my back like a helpless turtle. I cannot even begin to imagine how I’d manage to ride a scooter through Vietnam, like we’ve been planning to do, with almost 30 kg attached to me.

So therefore I need to get rid of some weight, and as quickly as possible. We’re living in 12 cities this year:

June – Valencia

July – Lisbon

August – Rabat

September – Sofia

October – Belgrade

November – Hanoi

December – Phnom Penh

January – Kuala Lumpur

February – Lima

March – Cordoba

April – Buenos Aires

May – Santiago

And it’s my mission to take less stuff with me every time we move on to the next city. June in Valencia is almost over, we’re leaving here in less than a week’s time.

So 28.9 kg or less it is, let’s give my back and my bag a break!

Love from Valencia,


The first step is to admit that you have a problem

The first step is to admit that you have a problem

The Digital Nomad

The Digital Nomad