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My social media detox

My social media detox

It’s a bit ironic, that I’m writing this piece, on boycotting social media for a while, to be shared on social media later. (Also the reason why I am writing in English rather than in one of my native languages in which I can express my emotions better).



Anyway, I am sitting in Chefchaouen at the moment. Chef is the stunnign blue city of Morocco. It’s been more than 24 hours since I have checked any social media, or even looked at a computerscreen. I decided to take this break after realizing how drained I’d become. A large part of how I earn my, our, income is being online, creating engagement, connecting with people. Yet somehow, while being more connected to the rest of the world than ever before in my life, I started to lose the connection to myself. I make 10-12 hour days online. The line betwen work and “regular” life is becoming more and more blurred, party because I love what I do.


I’ve always suspected that the more time I spend online (and on social media in particular) the unhappier I become. It’s a weird dynamic. The whole online thing is waht enables me to live the life of freedom I am enjoying right now, yet it’s making me feel more trapped every day.


A while ago I wrote about minimalism, of how I want to carry less stuff around the globe with me. Since then I have realised that it’s about so much more than just the material side of things.


I want less time looking at other people’s life online → I want more time to wonder about the little miracles in my own life.


I want less feeling like life is something that happens to me → I want more living by my own core vaues and being my own rock in this beautiful chaos around me.


I want less e-mails, less listening to the opinions of others, but trusting my own thoughts and feelings.


I want less procrastination, more action.


I want to create more sustainable rythms, eventhough that can be challenging in my ever changing environment.


I want less bullshit and more me.


Last night was the first one from which I woke up feeling truly rested. Today, sitting here in this little cafe was the first time I didn’t fill every second in my day with distraction for a long while.


It’s the frist time in ages I took the time to just sit and write. I love it.


I am excited about the next 9 days of being off the grid, spending them recharging. I am also committed to emerging from them with a strategy to manage my social media exposure better.


Disconnecting in order to connect. That’s what I’m after.


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