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The Asia contemplations

The Asia contemplations

We've been in Asia for more than three months now. Here are some of the thoughts I've had during that period (which I feel sum it up pretty well)

  • is there a lizard in my bathtub? there is definitely a lizard in my bathtub

  • this kitkat is green, therefore it is obviously healthy

  • Kyron: this is called fresh beer, it’s only like 1 or 2%. Merlijn: *drinks half a beer*: "I feel tipsy"

  • Merlijn: "no guys, all good, I don’t need to dance on stage, not really feeling it." *Kyron and Kate proceed to crawl towards me like sexy tigers* *Merlijn joins them on stage*

  • Spa lady: "what do you want?" Me: "a fish spa and a massage." Lady:" and a pedicure?" Me: "No I think I’m…" Lady *looks at my feet*: "AND A PEDICURE" *I proceed to get a pedicure*

  • Me to Kyron: "I trust you in this traffic, I mean, I am like really scared for my knees sometimes, but in general I trust you."

  • Kyron: "you are aware that you are eating $3 dollar Pringels?" I *continue to eat pringles*: worth every penny

  • Me: "why is warm water advertised as a special thing?" *turns on shower* “ooohhh”

  • Why are there THREE karaoke bars in this little village, but no ATM?

  • Is that a rock or our matras?

  • “Can I please get fried rice without meat?” *Ends up eating fried rice with three types of meat & 2 types of fish

  • We’ve definitely earned some street-cred now, transporting three closets on this scooter

  • Can we please get a menu? *restaurant owner proceeds to give us every dish of the menu*  Well played sir, well played.

  • It costs HOW MUCH to withdraw money from this ATM?! Oh wait, that’s right, divide by 20.000

  • Whilst riding our motorbike. “WATCH OUT FOR THE COW KYRON, WATCH OUT FOR THE COW”

  • We’ll definitely be drinking this bottle of tequila/wine/notsurewhatliquid with a snake biting a scorpion in it

  • No I honestly don’t want ANOTHER massage

  • How many Red goats energy drinks do I need to drink today to not fall asleep on the back of the motorbike?

  • *On said motorbike* THIS IS HOW I AM GOING TO DIE, THIS IS HOW I AM GOING TO DIE, THIS IS HOW… oh look a duck on the back of a scooter!”

  • Can everybody please stop looking at me like I am some kind of three-legged unicorn? (after riding through the North of Vietnam for days without seeing another Westerner)

  • Host: “One more shot” Me: “No thank you, I’ve had enough (4)” Host: “Last one” Me: “Ok….” Host: “One more shot” Me: “No thank you” Host: “Last one” Me: “No thank you” Host: “One more shot”

  • Gecko fight, gecko fight!!

  • We can’t go back to Europe, the toilets there don’t have hoses

  • Singapore is basically just tropical Europe

  • OMG that was an expensive massage, we paid $8!

  • We can definitely transport these 3 bamboo ladders and 90 kg of stones on this scooter

Love from Singapore <3

Bali - Vietnam - Bali (We're coming home)

Bali - Vietnam - Bali (We're coming home)